CatDog:Trivia Challenge is an old CatDog quiz game on is a trivia game on how well you know your CatDog episodes and in general.The goal of the game is to get enough questions right to fill up all the pieces of a puzzle.Get 5 wrong answers,and it's game over!The questions are randomized each time.
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Are you a CatDog crackerjack? Take the challenge!


This list is not complete.Finish the list by going to the game link ( and typing all the types of questions and right answers on the list.

  • Who does CatDog baby-sit?
  • Answer:
  • What is Cat's mud wrestling name?
  • Answer:
  • Where does Cat keep his 8 lives?
  • Answer:In the Attic
  • Which character had braces as a child?
  • Answer:Cat
  • Where does Mr.Sunshine live?
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  • Answer:In a cave in a cliff near CatDog's house
  • Who is Dog's Idol?
  • Answer:Barry the Baboon
  • Where does CatDog sleep?
  • Answer:Double-ended bed
  • Which Greaser has a heart shaped nose?
  • Answer:Shriek
  • What type of animal is Mervis?
  • Answer:
  • In the episode "Smarter than an average dog",what does CatDog build?
  • Answer:A rocket
  • What is Mervis'profession?
  • Answer:
  • What does Winslow wear?
  • Answer:Overalls
  • Which of the following is Cat afraid of?
  • Answer:Water
  • What job hasn't Rancid Rabbit had?
  • Answer:
  • In the episode "Dopes of slopes",what sport is CatDog trying?
  • Answer:Skiing
  • Which character says "And I Love It"?
  • Answer:
  • Where does Winslow live?
  • Answer:Behind the walls of CatDog's house.
  • Who is messiest?
  • Answer:Dog
  • CatDog are...
  • Answer:Brothers
  • Which character says "What what what"?
  • Answer:Rancid Rabbit
  • In the episode "CatDog's end" what surgery does Cat almost get?
  • Answer:Seperation Surgery