Nicktoons: Android Invasion is a 2008 platformer game released for the Didj on June 29, 2008, a portable game system made to help kids learn through games. In the game, the player can play as SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, or El Tigre. The plot is to stop Zim from taking over the world while fighting android clones of the player character's friends. It takes place inside Zim's base. At random points in the game there will be blockades that can be removed by solving math problems. When playing as SpongeBob, in one level GIR will leave hidden piggies around the base. Zim is the antagonist in this game.


The game is a side-scrolling game similar to the SpongeBob games for the Game Boy Advance. The player takes control of SpongeBob, Danny Phantom and El Tigre. As the Didj console is made to learn for children, the subject the game focuses on is math. There are times that you'll have to put the right number on the math problems to continue.

Playable CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit


  • Android SpongeBob
  • Android Patrick
  • Android Sandy
  • Android El tigre
  • Android Frida
  • Android Granpapi
  • Android Danny
  • Android Sam
  • Android Tucker
  • Android Jimmy
  • Android Carl
  • Android Cindy
  • Android Timmy
  • Android Wanda
  • Android Cosmo
  • Robot Lawn Gromes


  • Zim


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