Rocket Power: Gettin' Air was the first commercial video game based on Rocket Power. Its judgmental reception can probably be attributed to the limitations of Nintendo's Game Boy Color platform, which was based on a processor architecture that was already twenty years old when released, that presented the game as a side-scroller with limited resolution.

This was the only game on the franchise that supported the GBC; all later games would support gameplay devices in more current states of development.

Summary Edit

The Gang on an all-new adventure that calls upon their extreme sports skills. Player get to snowboard with Reggie, roller blade with Otto, hang ten with Sam, and get some wicked BMX air with Twister. Don’t forget to read Reggie’s Zine after each level to checkout your results.

Gameplay Edit

The Gameplay of Rocket Power: Gettin' Air is an 2D Action-sports hybrid where the game focused more on their extreme sports skills with Snowboarding, Roller blading, Surfboarding and finally BMX bike-riding.

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