The Last Airbender is a video game based on the film of the same name for the Wii and Nintendo DS. It was released on June 29, 2010 in North America. It was released in Europe on August 6, 2010 and was released in Australia on September 2010. Like the previous Avatar: The Last Airbender games, it was developed by THQ Studio Australia and published by THQ. It received mixed to average reviews, with many critics calling it an improvement over the movie.

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Players get to play as Aang, Prince Zuko, and the Blue Spirit (an alter-ego of Zuko). Players play as Aang to use amazing Airbending powers such as Air Vortexes and Tornados to manipulate the environment and control the elements, playing as Prince Zuko uses destructive Firebending bombs, blasts and more to battle for power and playing as the Blue Spirit uses stealth moves and sword attacks.

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The game received average reviews. Video game talk show Good Game's presenters gave the Wii version a score of 4.5 and 4 out of 10. They criticized the absence of being able to block attacks, believing such a feature would've been easy to include. They also pointed out that the levels felt repetitive. The Avatar State was also perceived as annoying due to requiring players to repeat the sequence every time a mistake was made. The character's controls were also criticized for being too sensitive which led to unfair deaths. The Blue Spirit was specifically criticized for his difficulty to turn around when in stealth mode. While the co-op arena mode was enjoyed by Good Game due to its simplicity, they felt disappointed with the lack of co-op in story mode.[1]

Reviews for the game were generally much more positive than those of the film.

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