Ren and Stimpy Show: Veediots! is a video game based on the Ren & Stimpy cartoon series on Nickelodeon. It was released by THQ for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1993.

A definite plot is virtually nonexistent, because all four levels are separate stories based on episodes of the TV series. The second half of the first level and the last level took advantage of the show's gross-out humor, and some have reported to be nauseated by -- even having thrown up because of -- these parts.

Levels Edit

Super NES levels Edit

Ren & Stimpy Veediots! SNES screenshot

Stimpy in the third level, Stimpy's Invention.

This version has four levels, based on the following episodes:

  1. The Boy Who Cried Rat!: Ren evades Stimpy in the living room, then tries to survive in Stimpy's mouth and defeat the Tooth Beaver (referencing Ren's Toothache).
  2. In the Army: Ren runs amuck at boot camp's training grounds, and finally faces the drill sergeant.
  3. Stimpy's Invention: Stimpy must go through his lab collecting certain items within the time limit.
  4. Marooned: Stimpy must survive inside the esophagus and belly of a space alien.

Game Boy differences from the SNES version Edit

  • The Boy Who Cried Rat! omits being in Stimpy's mouth and defeating the tooth beaver.
  • The level order of In the Army and Stimpy's Invention are switched.
  • In Stimpy's Invention, the player plays as Stimpy and goes through five different levels. When Ren gets to the boss battle, the happy helmet must land on Ren.
  • In In The Army, the game has Ren getting across a battlefield by riding on big bullets and avoiding the other soldiers.
  • Marooned is omitted.

At the end of each level, Ren and Stimpy present the player with a log.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ren
  • Stimpy


The SNES version received mixed reviews.Template:Cn It was praised for fluent controls, well done graphics and good music, but a complaint about the game is the lack of passwords or savepoints.Template:Cn The Game Boy version received rather negative reviews due to restricted controls, bland graphics, weak music, and short game length. Template:Fact



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