The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase is a videogame based on the The Wild Thornberrys game released only for the Game boy Advance in October 5, 2001. In the game, Darwin has been kidnapped, and Eliza and her family must travel the globe in search of her chimp.


In The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase, Darwin has been kidnapped, and Eliza and her family must travel the globe in search of her chimp. In this side-scrolling adventure game, you will travel through 12 exotic levels featuring Africa, South America, Australia, and the Arctic Circle. You can play as different Wild Thornberrys characters, including Eliza, Darwin, Debbie, and Donnie. The game has side-scrolling platform-style gameplay, and offers the chance to interact with tons of animals, including lions, monkeys, giraffes, and rhinos.


Nickelodeon's traveling family takes center stage on The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase. Spanning the globe and four levels with three stages each, Eliza and her family set off to rescue Darwin, who has been kidnapped by those poaching derelicts Kip and Biederman. Playing as Eliza in all but two levels, the side-scrolling action moves from South America to Australia in search for Darwin.

Beginning the game as Darwin, players make their way across the jungles of South America, eating cheese crunchies and swinging from vines. At the end of this first stage, an unsuspecting Darwin is kidnapped to be an exhibition in a zoo. In stage two, Eliza takes over and the search begins. Avoiding falling from trees and vines, as well as obstacles such as snakes, bees, and lions, players must guide Eliza through a South American jungle and a spooky temple, then on to the African plains, the Arctic Circle, and finally the Australian Outback. Each continent level contains three stages that must be completed before the level is won.

Eliza uses her ability to talk with the animals and gather information. The friendly critters will talk to her, but contact with enemy critters will cost her health. Health bottles, both large and small, are available for collection to replenish lost health, and cheese crunchies will issue extra continues. Players can also play as Donny in one level. Each controlled character walks, runs, and climbs through the levels. Using their wits and throwing fruit to distract their enemies, the Thornberrys will rescue Darwin if players can help Eliza to the ending.

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