Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut is an Action-Adventure video game based on Victorious developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by D3 Publishers Inc. in 2011 for the DS. Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut for the Nintendo DS will immerse players in Hollywood Arts High School, where they attend a full year as a new student and enjoy adventures alongside Tori and her friends.


As the newest student at the prestigious arts school Hollywood Arts, players must deal with the usual social pressures of high school (such as friends, rivals, and relationship drama). Players tap the screen to interact with characters from the show in order to help them out with their problems. Players also take part in rehearsals, performances, and other challenges through six mini-games that involve dancing, guitar playing, dramatic improvisation, drawing, staging, and serving food at the Grub Truck. By collecting stars, you can unlock new outfits to wear.


Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut communicates positive messages and role models for tweens. Kids can choose to be male or female, and select from different skin colors and body types for a diverse range of character customization options. Each chapter of the game plays out like an episode of the TV show, with some sort of drama that eventually gets resolved with the player's help. Gameplay consists of a series of "go here, pick up that" quests that aren't at all challenging, thanks to giant green arrows that show the player exactly what to do next. The only real challenge comes in playing the mini-games, which can also be enjoyed separately in Arcade mode.

Fans of Victorious should get something out of Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut as long as they're OK with basically participating in a mildly interactive TV episode (with some fun mini-games thrown in), and don't expect a full-fledged adventure game.

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