Victorious: Time to Shine is a Action/Rhythm hybrid videogame based on the hit Nickelodeon television series Victorious developed by High Voltage Software, Inc. and published by D3 Publisher Inc. only for the Xbox 360 Kinect. It is also the very first videogame of the TV series released in November 15, 2011.


Victorious: Time to Shine, based on the hit Nickelodeon television series, is an action game where one or two players, can work together or compete to create a Hollywood Arts show by playing dozens of rhythm and dance mini-games, featuring songs from the show with the other students.

  • Acting: move into the pose that Sikiwitz calls out to pass the class exercise!
  • Dancing: you have to match the moves, like the Just Dance games.
  • Music: this is a combination between dancing and pretending to play an instrument.
  • Singing: sing along to the music, karaoke-style.

Music video: involves acting, dancing, playing an instrument and singing. It also unlocks outfit items needed for other achievements. By achieving high star ratings, players unlock new clothing and hairstyles for their avatar, which can be male or female with numerous skin tones to choose from.

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