Zoey 101 is a mini-game collection video game based on the TV show was developed by Barking Lizards, published by THQ and released in March 2007 only for Game Boy Advance and in September 10, 2007 for the Nintendo DS.


While Navigating her days at Pacific Coast Academy while engaging several side activities, Zoey Brooks must take the role as she embarks on a field trip to Red Stone Gulch Canyons with her friends. With the aid of a park ranger, players will learn the techniques needed to survive the seemingly hostile wilderness terrain once they become separated from their guide.


Players must successfully complete each mini-game, then a dare, and then a final challenge. Dares and challenges are randomly chosen from three games in the level. Players can choose to play mini-games freely in the main menu. Work your way through such mini-games as scooter races, sports challenges, and dance-offs.


GameZone awarded the game 4 out of 10, stating that the game was either "boring, frustrating, just plain unfun, or some combination of all three."[1]

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